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OPTIMIX WP568 Waterproofing Slurry (Flexible)


OPTIMIX WP568 Waterproofing Slurry (Flexible) is a premium quality 2 part pre-mixed mortar, which consists of special cements, graded fillers, hydrophobic agents, chemical additives and high quality polymer emulsion . When the powder part is mixed with the emulsion part , it readily blends to produce a slurry coat for outdoor and indoor applications of waterproofing, in both structural and architectural elements. It maintains good bonding to all cementitious based substrates or brickwork. It can be applied onto damp surfaces without affecting its waterproof and damp-proof performance. It is compatible with most of the coverings. It can be applied over it and when necessary, it can be overcoat to build up thicker layers.


彈性防水英泥, 雙組份


  • Surface sealing of concrete elements with minor hairline cracks.
  • Water proof locations subject to positive water pressure.
  • Damp-proof for substrate before application of other moisture sensitive top finished.
  • Suitable for bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, water tank, tunnel, basement, retaining wall, planter, balcony, parapet, etc.
  • Free from casein, ammonia and harmful solvents thus it is particular suitable for use in smell sensitivity locations and areas with limited ventilation.

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