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OPTIMIX NS612 Non-Shrink Grout


OPTIMIX NS612 Non-Shrink Grout is a high quality pre-mixed shrinkage compensated, cementitious grout made from selected cements, graded fillers and special additives. When added to water, it readily blends to produce a free flowing non-shrink grout with dual expansion system that compensates shrinkage in both the plastic and hardened states. OPTIMIX NS612 is designed primarily as flowing grout but it can also be used at a trowellable consistency for repair purposes.




  • Fill voids and gaps within concrete structures or elements.
  • Provide heavy duty support between base plates and substrates.
  • Grout for machinery and equipment footings.
  • Filling gaps for structural steel, stanchion and precast components.
  • Grouting for anchor bolts and dowel bars.
  • Support for bridge bearings, crane rails, tanks, etc.

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