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OPTIMIX SC212 Skimcoat (Flexible Tile Filler)


OPTIMIX SC212 Skimcoat (Flexible Tile Filler) is a premium quality pre-mixed mortar consists of special cements, graded fillers, polymers and chemical additives. When mixed with water, it readily blends to produce a trowellable mortar for renovation projects in touching up gaps, uneven surface and old tile finish. It can be applied at thickness between 1mm to 3mm in one operation to provide a flat smooth surface. OPTIMIX SC212 can be applied to concrete substrates, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, brick wall, granite stone and textured surface. It is designed to provide a highly durable flat surface to receive coating finish.



  • Touch up uneven surface and substrate defects for new or refurbishment projects.
  • Renovation work for building façade.
  • Suitable for both smooth and textured surface.
  • Re-surfacing of mosaic tile, ceramic tile and granite stone.
  • For interior and exterior applications onto walls and ceilings.

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