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Fosroc Brushbond


Brushbond is a cementitious coating for application to concrete and brickwork to provide a waterproof barrier and fiil out surface imperfections. Suitable for sealing water tanks,reserviors,toilets and bathrooms,balconies and basements as well as filling blowholes,cracks,imperfections and for providing concrete surfaces with a uniform appearance.


彈性防水英泥, 雙組份


  • Minimum surface preparation needed
  • Excellent adhension.Bonds directly to porous and non- porous surfaces
  • Waterproof and non-toxic-Ideal for potable water tanks
  • Excellent for damp-proofing basements below ground
  • Breathable-Allows transmission of water vapour from interior of building
  • High resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion
  • Can fill the honeycomds, dot surfaces and concrete with potholes

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