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EMIX Tile Fix 383


Extra strength, highly flexible, high performance, deformable polymerized thin bed tile adhesive for interior and exterior wall tile fixing complied with C2TE class of EN 12004 and S1 class of EN 12002 (S2 class can be achieved by adding E.MIX EVA ADMIX).


瓷磚膠, 膠沙


  • Formulated to comply with European Norm, American Standard and Chinese Standard
  • Specially formulated for renovation and application on old tile
  • Extra adhesion under exterior weather conditions, especially for exterior condition
  • Single component : fixed mixing proportion, ensure the quality of work
  • Shrinkage compensated : reduce the chance of shrinkage cracks
  • Thixotropic and easy-to-trowel, good workability
  • Extended open time of 30 minutes
  • Non-slip

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